best crystal store i have ever been to!!!! They have everything.... and more. employees were very nice and helpful! i got my first piece of moldavite (wish me luck), gorgeous OJ tower, orca agate flame, and many other beautiful pieces!!! AND prices are fit for the quality of the pieces. definitely recommend stopping in!!!

Paige M.

The two lovely ladies working tonight were so sweet, and so helpful when it came to all our questions. They made my first stop in so nice.
Such a beautiful variety of stones and mesmerizing larger pieces!
When you can't decide on your smaller picks, I highly recommend the crystal confetti. So thrilled with all the goodies that I got in just one scoop.

Brooke I.

It was a really nice place. We plan on returning.

Cathy C.

Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. There was 2 employees there when I visited. The female employee was super nice and charismatic, making us feel welcome and appreciated. The majority of the interaction I had was with the male employee who seemed passionate and very knowledgeable and well-versed on the huge variety of items being offered, and everything on display. He was happily able to answer every question I had, and was even eager to share additional information about the different items and topics we discussed. We were there right up to the minute they closed, and never got the feeling they were in a hurry or rushing us to leave right away. I even stopped to take a few pics on the way out!

At the end of our visit, I left with the feeling that I'd learned a good amount about the items I bought, that I got reasonable deals on everything, and had an overall positive experience. Despite the 30+ minute drive to get there, my daughter and I will definitely be shopping here next time we're adding to her collection. Thanks again for all the help.

J Burna

This beautiful shop has all the right everything. You walk into a rainbow of crystals and rocks with a glowing atmosphere similar to the cave of wonders from disneys Aladdin and a huge dinosaur bone on the walI. I highly recommend this shop as a unique date night or special gift idea for that hard to buy person.

Melloni D.

Today was my first visit to Main Street Rocks. What a great little shop with so many interesting and cool specimens. Fossils, raw stones, polished and cut items, its all here! There are huge cathedral pieces to tiny pocket stones....and the bonus, reasonable prices! If you are ever near Durand, go take a peek, you won't be disappointed! I went home with 2 fluorite pieces...I am so pleased with them! Now go!!!

Jackie G.